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Book Publishing Kit


Book Publishing Kit

$49.95 each


Many Aspiring Authors' desire to write a book, many have great stories to tell. The challenge is that many do not know the first step on how to get started with the publishing process.


Renee has been helping writers to publish their books for over 20 years.


Renee has taken her years of experience and put them into the Book Publishing Kit.


In the kit you will find:


1. A copy of the top-selling book "The Book Publishing Process: The Beginner's Guide to Book Publishing Success.


2. Flash Drive with Book Publishing Coach and Author Renee Bobb teaching you the step-by-step book publishing process.


3. Success Journal which will allow you to keep all of your thoughts and ideas in one place.


4. Book Publishing Resource Guide which has a list of local and national book publishing resources designed to help you through the book publishing process. The Resource Guide includes; Graphic Designers, Printers, Illustrators, Web Designers, Layout and Design Specialist, Book Cover Designers and many more.


5. Writing pen, highlighter and sticky notes.

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