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The Money Resource Guide: Funding For Women Business Owners


In this resource guide you will find:

The Top Options to Finance Your Business

Over 100 Grants Available for Women Entrepreneurs

Funding Support for Women Veterans

Tips on How to Find the Perfect Grant Writer

Top crowdfunding resources to help you kick-start your business

Much more

It’s great to have a dream, it’s awesome to have a vision, it’s important to have passion but without MONEY, it’s hard to make your dream business a reality.

Serial entrepreneur Renee Bobb has spent the past twenty-five years as a business owner. She prides herself in helping women start and grow their own businesses. Even though you have a great idea, it’s hard to launch a business without money. Research shows that access to capital for women has always been challenging.

The Money Resource Guide: Funding for Women Business Owners has been designed to help women entrepreneurs navigate the process of securing funding to launch and expand their businesses. Renee’s goal is to help save you time and money by creating a resource guide that provides current information to help you start your journey.

Empowerment Coach Renee Bobb designed this resource guide to be an easy-to-use tool to help entrepreneurs navigate the money system. Probably best to keep entire description in third person.

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