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Attract More Clients and Make More Money in 2018


Author and Entrepreneur Renee Bobb has been in business for over 20 years. In her experience as a business coach, many of her clients come to her because they have a hard time building their business and generating income. They simply don't know how to promote, advertise and market their businesses.

In the book "Attract More Clients and Make More Money in 2018: 12 Easy Steps to Market Your Business for Success" , Renee shares her secrets to success. The step-by-step process Renee shares have helped thousands of her clients to increase their monthly and yearly sales plus know exactly how to market their businesses to increase their bottom line.

In this book you will learn:
• Selecting the Right Marketing Strategy for Your Business
• Increase Your Sales
• Designing a Workable Marketing Plan
• Identifying Your Target Audience
• Get Crystal Clear About Your Customers
• Know How to Reach Your Customers
• Adding Social Media to Your Marketing Plan

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