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Can I Help You Write, Market and Publish Your Book Before 2020?

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One-on-one online, phone, or in person sessions with
Book Publishing Coach Renee Bobb

Renee can help you:

  • Complete your book outline
  • Get crystal clear about your target audience
  • Outline your step-by-step book publishing process
  • Set up your CreateSpace account
  • Complete your book manufacturing process
  • Set up your book distribution plan and process
  • Create a strong marketing and sales plan
  •  Launch a Public Speaking Career

About The Book Publishing Lady Renee Bobb

Author, Empowerment Coach,  Publisher and Radio & TV Show  Host


“Empowering people to take action on their dreams is just one of 

Renee’s many gifts

Renee Bobb is an authority in the field of self-publishing and small business development. Her company, R.B.I. Enterprise  is an Empowerment Training and Development Firm, specializing in Career Empowerment, Small Business Development, Financial Empowerment and Book Publishing Training.

Renee has 16 non-fiction books published including; “Financial Empowerment: A Practical Approach to Getting Your Financial Life in Order” and her top-seller, “The Self-Publishing Process: The Beginner’s Guide to Book Publishing Success”.

Renee is the Owner of the Music City Icons Professional Women’s Basketball Team.


  1. Book Publishing
  2. Marketing
  3. Writing
  4. Selling
  5. Motivating

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