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Featured Authors
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I'm so proud of these two dynamic authors, speakers and entrepreneurs. Shaterial Starnes and Timothy Mccleskey Jr. they both have written books that will change your financial future. 

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Shaterial Statnes author of "Navigating The Credit Repair Maze: Secrets They Don't Want You to Know" 

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Timothy McCleskey, Jr., author of  The Volcanic Eruption of Debt

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Please join me to congratulate new author, Rashad Rayford

He just released his new book "Elevate Your Vibe: Ten Ways to Grow You". For me this is one of the most powerful books on self-development that I have read in a very long time. 

His style of writing is inspiring and very easy to understand not only the process but how you can elevate your vibe NOW. 

I'm so very proud of Rashad. 

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I love working with authors who are bold and don’t mind sharing their stories of heartache and major disappointments that helped to shape them into the dynamic people they are today. 

Christine Palm is that author, speaker and entrepreneur, who in her book “The Man Project: Walking Men Into Relationship Awareness”, reveal intimate details of why so many relationships fail. 

She also provides tips and strategies on how to enhance your relationship and make them work. 

I’m so grateful for Christine.

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She made my day....Congratulations to Lisa Swift Young. She just released her new book Pause 2 Praise: 30 Days to Happier and Healthier Relationships with Your Adult Children

I'm so very proud of her. 

She said she would do it and she did. 

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Author, D.G. Duke aka Dexter Ward, (my Truck Driving Poet). Dexter has published three amazing books of poetry in a very short time. 

Dexter is such a hard worker. Very proud of him.

One of the best feelings in the world is when all of your hard work pays off and your dreams come true. 

Please join me in congratulating new Authors, Denise Blonde Edmondson-Knowles and her husband Demitrus for releasing their first book "LOVE ROLL LIFETIME: The Unforeseen Journey"

I'm so proud of them. 

Yes, we are in the ER but nothing was going to keep me from delivering a copy of her first book. The look on her face was everything. Congratulations.

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Congratulations to new Author, Regina Ross, author of My Daddy’s Handbook “Pathway to the Father”. She has successfully released her second edition.

Regina did it. I's so very proud of her.

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