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The Self-Publishing Process:
The Beginners Guide to Book Publishing Success

Learn how to write, publish, promote and sell your book!

If you have always wanted to see your work published, then this book is designed for you. You will learn everything you need to know to write, publish, promote and sell your own book. Inside this book you will find comprehensive information about the publishing industry. Complete with contact information and tools to help you publish your book and succeed.

If you have a strong passion to write a book, then this book is for YOU.

In this book you will learn how to:

Get published in 90 days or less

Understand all aspects of the publishing industry

Publish e-books, children’s books, poetry an training manuals

Clearly understand the Book Publishing Process

Write a Best Selling Book

Get your book into bookstores

Create an effective marketing plan

Manufacture and organize your book

Use the "FREE" Resources to help you publish your book

Select the right editor, printer, publisher and book cover designer

Publish and print 100 books for under $300.00

Sell 100 books in less than 100 days

Create multiple products from one book

Put your book in e-book format and sell it via Kindle

Sell your book on and other on-line distributors

Use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to sell books
Bonus Training: How to Publish and E-book


Book Marketing Training Program:

Creating a Buzz with Effective Book Marketing and Selling Strategies

ONLY $250


The image that you and your company project is all part of marketing your book. A good marketing program requires dedication, financial investment and consistency. Don't forget--be creative. You want to attract positive attention to your book! Effective book marketing is one of the most important elements to an author’s success in the book publishing industry, but it is often the most overlooked asset a company has.


In my 20 years as a business owner and self-published author, I have found that the majority of author’s collapse because they fail to develop an effective book marketing and book sales plan. Just because you hand our 100 flyers and get 20 calls, does not mean that you stop there. You must be consistent! I strongly recommend executing three marketing strategies per day and tracking the results. If you get great results of course you want to do them over and over again. If the strategy does not work then keep trying different things until you find what works. Put the time into your marketing and you will get the results. If you do not have the time, I strongly suggest that you hire a marketing person to do the job for you. Here is a list of all that you will learn through the Book Marketing Training Program: Creating a Buzz with Effective Book Marketing and Selling Strategies:




  1. Creating Spin-off Products from Your Book
  2. Creating a Book Marketing Plan
  3. Master and Apply the Top 81 Book Marketing Strategies
  4. Land Teaching and Speaking Engagements to Promote Your Book
  5. Use Social Media to Marketing Your Book
  6. Submit Your Book to Magazines and Newspaper to get Reviews
  7. Secure National TV and Radio Interviews
  8. Effectively Sell Your Books on the Internet and Off Line
  9. Create a Winning Media Kit
  10. Do Your Own Public Relations
  11. Find the "FREE" Help That You Need to Get the Results You Desire
  12. Get Bulk Orders for Your Book
  13. Secure a Distribution Company to Distribute Your Books.

When you order you will receive the e-book: Creating a Buzz with Effective Book Marketing and Selling Strategies. Two-MP3 Recording from Book Publishing Coach Renee Bobb. A copy of the Book Marketing Resource Guide to include Marketing Tracking Forms, The 90-day Book Marketing Plan of Action System and many more forms that can help you stay focused and produce results.


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Book Marketing Training Program:

Creating a Buzz with Effective Book Marketing and Selling Strategies

Attract More Clients and Make More Money in 2020

Are you seeking options to finance your business?

Have you been marketing and promoting your business with no results?

Are you trying to identify the right business strategies to reach your target audience?

If you are seeking alternative options to funding your business, then this training is designed for you. In this training, participants will create a functioning marketing plan that will connect marketing strategies directly to sales. Participants will also learn:
  • Financial Resources Available to Fund Your Business
  • Alternative options to funding your business to include Grants, Business Plan Competitions, Investors,  Small Business Loans and Crowdfunding  
  • 20 Creative Strategies to Market Your Business
  • Key Elements of a Successful Marketing Plan

Training includes a 90 minute MP3 Recording of the training "Attract More Client and Make More Money in 2016", plus the training book, and training materials to help you achieve your goals.


Only $125

email invoice request to or call (615) 753-5647